Applying big brands' strategies to high street companies

We all know how difficult is it to run a small business and how hard you have to work to generate revenue and make a profit.


Gaining new customers is one of the biggest challenges a business can face on a day-to-day basis. Unfortunately, no one is going to automatically invest in what you’re selling unless they know who you are, what you do, and have confidence that you can deliver on your promises.


BCOME applies big brands’ strategies to high street companies. We are your

in-house marketing team; a full-service, integrated network of creative professionals and strategists who will help your small business think big.

We work across every industry, understanding your specific needs and delive tailor-made solutions. We work on an everyday basis and we offer a full-service package, which includes:


Creation / Communication


All businesses need to have an effective marketing plan to survive and grow. We will create measurable sucessful marketing campaigns to reach new clients using multiple channels.

Business Strategy

Creation / Management


We research into every aspect of your company and your competitors, which allow us to find opportunities on how best to optimize your brand, differentiate you from competitors and engage with your target audience. We help our clients unlock new revenue streams and increase relevance for a new generation of consumers.

Social Media

Creation / Management


Social media and email/database are two of the strongest online marketing channels.

We create and curate content that delivers meaningful and authentic experiences to your social communities.



Creation / Communication / Management


By connecting our clients with other key businesses, relevant influencers or brands from the same field, we provoke growth.

We develop strong local community collaborations for you to bcome a magnet in your locale.


Creation / Communication / Management


One of the strategies to increase revenue for your business will be creating beautiful events, not just to increase revenue on the date, but also raising brand awareness.

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Creation / Communication


We create strong brand identities, providing a strategic vision; from the naming process to a visual identity and applications thereof, achieving a consistent tone of voices across all uses and platforms. Our purpose is to add value to brands through the strategic and innovative process of design.


Creation / Communication


We ensure everything you do produces results for your brand. We provide exposure through digital and print platforms, in order to reach new customers and raise brand awareness.


Film & Photo

Creation / Communication


We highlight and enhance your brand in the best possible light; showcasing to the public why you are a leader and tastemaker in your field. We produce the right content to be distributed through different channels (web, social media, print). It's about stroy-telling, creating an emotional response, and building a deeper connection with your audience.


Creation / Management


We offer custom solutions that go beyond and above expectations. All of our sites are made from scratch, designed especially for you and your company's specific needs. We also maintain websites up-to-date by updating then regular with last news, information...